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Party with other players to defeat giant monsters!
Fishing, wood cutting, mining, expeditions - mini-games out the wazoo!
Train and level up your own minion pets!
Upgrades. So many upgrades.
Feb 7, 2017


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Battle Monsters with friends, become the top guild, perform woodcutting, space expeditions and plenty more in this ever growing first of its kind Online Idle MMORPG


Explained in-game

Recent Edits

  • Patch History/Unity
    This page lists officially announced updates that were made for the Unity clients during the...
  • Collections Trophies Upgrades
    Trophies upgrades using Collections Trophies enhance the rate you can earn major currencies.
  • V1.16.0
    REDIRECT Patch History/Unity#v1.16.0 - Jan 3 2020
  • Patch History
    This page chronicles the Patch History of Idle Online Universe. Patches not listed may have been...

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    Quick emergency patch to resolve a severe issue. Here's a reward code to make up for it...
  • V0.73z
    v0.73 zeta - Apr 12, 2016 Non-series challenges (and the CP earned from them) have been reset...
  • V0.89
    v0.89 - Dec 4, 2016+25% Gold&+25% Fish Value bonuses enabled Xmas Event -ADD: Simple console...
  • Expedition Points
    Expedition Points are a minor currency in Idle Online Universe. It is used only to upgrade the...
  • V0.86b
    v0.86b - Oct 18, 2016 -ADD: Future survey items now have the ability to have hover-over tips...
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